Sunday, November 21, 2010

sooooo nervous!!!

first I have to mention...happy birthday Shawn!! Today is my hubbies 37th birthday...old man!! :) I love to heckle him and remind him that in three more years he will be 40! Bahahahahaah!! Today was a busy day...had his birthday lunch and then off to miss Emma's 2nd birthday party. Isn't she a doll??? I just get so much joy from her...even though I just see her once a week. I guess if I can't have my own little girl I just have to borrow everyone else's. :)

And I'm SOOOO nervous because tomorrow is my very first newborn photo shoot! EEEEK. I have some props and lots of ideas but we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!! I'll be back later to post a photo so ya'll can see if I flopped!! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat, Photo Shoots & Life in General I guess I will start with the scrapbook retreat. :) We are calling it Camp Scrap-A-Way. Clever huh? Totally excited. Doing this with a good friend of mine, Bridgett and we are having it at her house just a mile south of Malta, MT. (for those of you who are close enough to maybe want to attend!). It's all inclusive...which means...bring your stuff and hang out for the entire weekend without having to spend another dime...if you so choose to. :) We provide all the meals, snacks, drinks that you want receive an amazingly full goodie bag when you arrive, we are offering free classes, free photo printing..the use of cricut expressions, laptops/printers, there will be drawings every hour, lots of giveaways, vendors, an on site store PLUS there is a hottub available, big screen TVs if you choose to watch a movie, and each scrapper gets her own table. PLUS you will be able to (at your expense) get a massage or maybe even a pedicure. :) It's going to be tons of fun. :) So if you want more information...just contact me at Oh the cost of this fun filled weekend is $135.00. $35 deposit holds your spot and then you can make payments for the balance. The date is March 18th-20th. I cannot wait!! woot woot!!

So other than planning for that I have been busy studying, reading, encouraging myself because I really really want to do this whole photography thing. But...I have done a couple senior picture photo shoots so far and am pleased with the results. I did decide on a name too...actually Shawn helped with that one....kinda. :) He suggested Jenns Studio (LAME) but since I'm always talking about my 'studio' I thought it would be fun to work with that. And I really enjoy doing the senior thing so was thinking of Block 12 or Phase 12...but then when he said Jenns Studio I put it together and came up with Studio 12. I think that sounds catchy? Then my regular photography will be called Jennifer Ray Photography. Boring I know but that's why I had fun with the senior division of it!! lol There is so much more than just taking photos though. I've called my brother in law to get insurance (yes you have to have insurance!!), licenses etc. Trying to figure out how to I want to offer I not. Getting my studio up and ready..painting, ordering proofs...building my portfolio..the list goes on and on and on. Who knew it was so much work!! But I KNOW that once I get myself established this is going to be something I will ENJOY. I cannot wait to be able to take photos of a newborn baby and know that the parents will treasure that photo forever. To see my ideas and vision come to life on a photograph! I really am excited for this new venture. And it's totally okay if it doesn't happen overnight..heck I would prefer it didn't!! So anyway...if you are interested in doing some me. lol I'm doing an introductory special right now while I build my portfolio!! I really need to find a GIRL senior to take some pictures of so I have more than just these boy mugs to show. :) I have a friend that has made me a 'cocoon' though for a baby...and wouldn't you know that there is a new baby in I'm thinking I might just have to get that baby and take some pics. :) I am SO rambling. If you have read this far...send me your address so I can send you a cookie or something. :)
And still doing stuff on the house. Tonight I am actually painting in the bathroom...yes...I had already painted it but decided now that I need to paint the vanity, the trim and the that's what I'm doing. We better buy this dang house with all the work I have put into it. But I will be able to post some pics shortly of the completed bathroom!!
The boys are getting huge. It's amazing how fast time flies. Mathew is playing basketball right now..and loving it. The thing he really wants to do is take a shower after practice. What a strange child. And he has grown about an inch in a's CRAZY!! Auston is funny as ever...that kid just cracks me up. Last night he I'm gonna have a hot woman in my room. WHAT? Where the heck did that come from. I asked...and what are you going to do with this hot woman?? Well..he says, I'm going to verse her on the gamecube of course. :) OF COURSE. Sheesh..what was I thinking?? :) Okay..that is enough rambling for one night. thanks for reading!! Oh and guess what..I haven't scrapped in over a odd is that??

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hanging up the Hat AKA Big SALE!

well..since my move I just haven't been able to dedicate the time I did before to my etsy shop. While this makes me kinda sad...I think it's time to move on to something else. Which means...for you...a BIG HUMONGOUS SALE! Yup..that's right...everything is on sale. We are talking 80 items listed....and nothing over $2.00. Seriously. Just remember..some of the items..once they are gone..they are gone. So if you have a jotter you use over and over...well I can only tell ya that you better stock up while you can. A couple new designs too which have never been listed!

Thanks SO much for all the business and support ya'll have given me in the two years of my etsy was fun and I've enjoyed seeing your creations using my designs!! I've enjoyed my journey!!

So check it out HERE ... oh and to make it even better...still flat rate shipping of $2.00. :) Happy Shopping!!