Tuesday, April 27, 2010

trying to get back into...

the groove of blogging...which obviously isn't going so well!! :) Gotta get a schedule going...either in the morning or at night...something!!

Let's see...well I had a crop on Saturday night...just a few friends...it was a nice relaxing night. I actually finished two layouts...I know...it's a freakin' record for me!! :) And here is one of them which I did for the 52x52 challenge this week. (which is now being posted on Mondays just FYI!). The challenge was to use yellow, pink and flowers. As a mother of boys...I was sure glad that I had these photos of little miss Emma. Is she the cutest thing EVA?? Thanks Bridgett for allowing me to borrow your daughter! If you play along..make sure to link me up so I can check your layout out!

This morning it was tough getting out of bed. I know..I'm sounding like a broken record but geez....4:45am comes really quickly when I'm so needing my sleep!! I'm sure my hard work and all my running would be paying off if I could STOP STUFFING MY FACE! Good grief..what is wrong with me?? I just can't lay off the sugar. *sigh* (as I sit here eating frosting out of a can).

Getting REALLY excited for our trip to Colorado...NEXT FRIDAY!! Holy canoly!! I can't wait to see my other family...and watch as my little sister graduates from college...and listen to them sing and play..have I mentioned how uber talented my sisters are?? And gorgeous to boot!! Witty...outgoing...pretty much the opposite of ME!! lol Hoping to get to Denver and take the boys to the zoo and the aquarium...make it a little mini vacation. Oh and play with my new camera. :)

Hey..do me a favor wouldja?? Stop back by on Friday. Don't ask questions...just DO IT!!


  1. Hey Jenn! Glad to see you blogging again:) Seems like forever . . . got you in my google reader though so I can keep track of you.