Monday, December 14, 2009

ahhhh...the cold...

the freezing freakin' cold...the kind of cold that when you walk outside your nose burns and your nostrils stick gasp for air and your lungs burn...your fingers instantly feel as if they may fall off...along with your toes. You get the picture. freakin' cold people. It's STILL -20 right 3:55pm. Insane right? then I hear that once the cold snap ends we will have an unusually warm winter. What the heck?? Make up your mind..that's all I can say. Although hey...I so won't complain when my nostrils don't stick together...I mean seriously...what an uncomfortable situation.

so this morning I got on my gazelle and did 4.5 miles....45 minutes and watched Tough Love. anyone out there watch that show? I LOVE it!! I should have done that...wish they would have had a boot camp for me back in the day...I certainly could have used it. Gotten over my broken heart (over something that wasn't my fault)...but anyway...I'm rambling. And so I found something else on the telly that I dvr'd (LOVE DVR...isn't that the best thing ever??) I can watch while I gazelle in the morning. :) Makes time go by quicker anyway!! :)

ummmm...just sitting at Boys & Girls club...waiting for the kids....but I think it's about that time. SOOOOO....I'll probably chat in the morning...maybe I'll have an interesting story for ya'll. :) We'll see...oh yes...we shall see.

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