Saturday, December 12, 2009

well I'll be....

here I am..finally!! It's been a very long time since I've blogged. And long story short...I was tired of paying for typepad...and I HATED their new features...just wasn't the same. And...well I'm not sure what else about the change makes it a long story...regardless...I'm no longer with typepad. Although I'm not sure why it's password protected now...that's kinda annoying. I really need some of my links and such off there...hmmmm....

so last weekend I went with my mom to Billings. She had a medical procedure..that turned out A-okay by the way. Well she had this bright idea to get a mother daughter tattoo. Heck...who can turn down some free ink?? So we decided on the trinity symbol...which truth be known I've wanted that tattoo for a LONG time....since I started watching Charmed anyway!! It didn't take very long as it was a small tat. I was going to get it over my wrist scar but the tattoo artist said it would be hard to do over that scar tissue and my idea with my great aunt Ethel's rosary beads would be much better. (just another excuse to get some more ink!!). So here it is...

And here is a picture of it closeup...the funny thing soon as Auston saw it he said...MOM..that's the sign off Charmed!! yeah so they've watched numerous episodes too!! :) and to let you know...we attached our own meaning to the symbol (I googled it and it has a plethora of meanings!!). It stands for my grama...who passed away last mother and myself. A tribute really to grama...boy do I miss her!!

let's see...what else has been going on? dad sold Pink Face. :( I was really bummed...and even more disgusted when he threw the $79 at me. He was giving me what she went for at the sale. I cried for days. I told dad that I didn't think I could ever forgive him..and he asked...for what? Oh I was infuriated that his memory was SO short!! Of course I have forgiven him but still...I had to make a big stink about it. Poor little Pink could he send her to the ring?? *sigh* He said that if she would have been in the back end of the trailer when he grabbed his replacements she would have stayed...but she was jammed up in the front. That's the breaks when you have animals. I just can't get attached to any more of them that's for sure!!

the boys are doing well....they love it here...even though the -26 weather (without windchill I might add) is SO not anything to love. Mathew still has a girlfriend...even though I told him no dating until he's 15. *sigh* Auston is still exceptionally bright..and I still haven't been able to convince his teacher that he really needs to be bumped up in math. That's a fight...but I haven't gone in lately because I think I've really annoyed her. UGH.

I'm going to play ball tomorrow....for the first time here. We'll see how that goes. I'm kinda nervous. Have I told you all that I'm fat again?? Yup...I just let myself go. I've been stress eating like there is no tomorrow. I don't know what to do to seems that now I'm almost in a habit of having something in my mouth constantly. I've gained 10lbs in 2 months...I feel like crap. Bleck. Just have to get motivated to get back on the exercise wagon...I try but it doesn't do much good when I can't stop eating all the sugar. Maybe wiring my jaw shut? there is an idea!!

Well...I'm sitting at my crop that no one showed up I think I'm gonna go home. :) Have a stellar night all! and I'll try to be better about blogging from now on!!

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  1. Welcome back to blog land dude! Well, for a start I cannot see in the picture how you are fat...if that is fat you must have been undernourished before! Don't worry too much about it, you will shift it in no time. Just a little running and playing ball (yay!! you go girl) will do the trick, I am sure.

    WTG on the tattoo as well - love it, so cute and I always love ink that has meaning.

    Sending you hugs and smoochies