Monday, March 29, 2010

how the heck...

does this happen?? I mean really? gone for a whopping weekend and I probably have 15 stinkin' loads of laundry? *sigh* the only positive thing about not having a washer and dryer of my own is the fact that I can do multiple loads at a time....that does make it a BIT quicker.

well the last wrestling tourney of the year was a bust. poor Auston had himself psyched out before he even stepped on the mat. he recognized the boy that he was wrestling...and he lost to him in Great Falls. I guess he told Shawn...I'm going to lose...he's going to beat me. sure enough he got out there and basically just waited for the boy to take him down and pin him. it was sad...and so hard to watch. UGH. there were 80 kids in his weight class....what are the odds that he would wrestle two boys that he has already wrestled..and lost to? that's the story. we did get to hit Red Lobster for dinner that about a high point. and on Friday night we took the boys to Chuckee Cheese. OMG. I had ONE piece of pizza and was so dang sick to my stomache all freakin' was awful. but the boys had a blast and we were able to spend a couple hours with Pamela and her three nice to see her and the kids...and SO nice to hear that she's finally leaving that loser boyfriend of hers.

so I'm slowly getting my etsy shop up and loaded. I can't believe that I really had that many items. wowsa!! but I have lots more to load and some new bitties and stuff. :) we'll see how it goes!!

this morning I did NOT want to get up and go run. but I did. yay me! I only did a mile of stairs...was just so exhausted and it was so tough. but I know that those days tend to happen and a half assed mile is better than no mile at all...right? right. :) now I have a goal though...May 8th my little sister is graduating from college and we are headed that way. so I need to get back in shape and somewhat presentable before the big day. that's a little over a month...I should be able to get my rear in gear by then!! wish me luck!!

oh and guess what?? I ordered my should be here on Wednesday!! cannot WAIT!! thanks SO much Crissie for all your help!! :)

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