Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it's here...

my new camera just arrived today. if you have been a reader you will know that just two years ago I got a new that I researched for months before I took the plunge. but honestly...the last few months I just haven't been happy with it. I think it's because I REALLY want to make myself a photographer. I know that totally sounds silly and absurd...but it's something I really enjoy and I've been wanting to get a little business going in our town since we moved. my lack of confidence in my ability really hindered me. but with this new purchase I'm taking the next step for me...I have a goal. I'm planning on taking a couple classes from some amazing photographers and I have a mentor...whether she likes it or not. :) so wish me luck.

I've only taken 11 photos so far with this new camera...and luckily Auston humored me some. here is what I'm totally amazed with...these were taken at dusk...on auto...just out of the editing...raw. i almost cried or pee'd my pants...I'm not sure which. just so danged excited. who knew that a camera could do so much...i cannot wait to play.

so here is the odd thing about the whole camera thing. when I got my first arrived on April 1st....three days later my grama passed away. well my camera arrived today...and tomorrow is April 1st...and the 4th is the 2 year anniversary of my grama being gone. maybe it isn't odd...but to me it just seems like it was meant to be...that maybe my grama has something to do with it. she always encouraged me and told me to do what makes me happy. she was an amazing woman and I miss her's so unfair that she is gone when she was so full of life. every morning she got up and did her leg lifts and sit ups....and I remember how she would give me a hug and then swish me back and forth in her arms...even as an adult. she was there for two cousins and myself especially...the community and the Volmer church which sat on the hill. she was the kindest woman with the sweetest heart...never said a bad word about anyone. seems so unfair that she had to go when there are so many people that take life for granted...that bitch and moan about their life when she just kept trucking on. *sigh* anyway...sorry to get on that tangent...I really miss her.

so tomorrow we get up and leave at o'dark thirty...well actually head to Billings for the dinosaur live show. i'm really looking forward to it...and being able to play around with my camera some more. so be looking for pictures...i'm sure I'll be full of them for awhile!! g''s WAY past my bedtime!!

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  1. Sooo, what camera did you get?
    BTW I LOVE those photos they are so vibrant (and it helps that the subject is a real cutie :)