Saturday, April 3, 2010

today I'm cranky...

just really terribly cranky. i even took a nap but all that accomplished was giving me a headache when I got up. just so dang cranky. ugh.

but this morning I took the boys to a couple easter egg hunts...Mathew decided he didn't want to go to the second one. and Auston informed me that the hunts were lame because the eggs were just thrown around on the ground. I have to agree...wouldn't be much fun just running and picking up eggs. so I finished boiling my eggs and they are in the fridge waiting to be dyed tomorrow morning. Auston insisted (I was going to skip it this year...see how cranky I am today??). he's looking forward to hunting eggs tomorrow at grama Darcie's house...and he also said to me (while driving to the second hunt)...I wonder what my big prize will be this year?? last year I got a cool kite. oops. I didn't get the boys anything for easter this year...because I bought them $80 worth of books at the book fair so I told them that was their gift for easter. and grama darcie usually loads them up...but she considered the walking with the dinosaurs as their easter gift. so now not only am I cranky but I feel a little guilty that Auston won't have a big prize to find. *sigh*

i am excited to play around with my new camera tomorrow. provided the weather isn't super nasty. the wind was blowing like crazy this morning...and it was chilly. i didn't run this morning..maybe that's why I'm so stinkin' cranky? okay...i'm going to sign off now since the only thing I can think about is being cranky. :) i was thinking I would scrap but I'm too lazy to get my stuff out. what a day it's been...thank goodness it's almost over. here's hoping that tomorrow is a MUCH better one!

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