Thursday, April 15, 2010

a little sneak peek...

Just a little sneak peek at the layout I'm working on right now for 52x52. :) Honestly...we weren't going to dye eggs this year (I know...booo hissss bad mom!) but the Saturday before Easter Auston says to need to go get some eggs to dye! Sooo...we did. He's been a little bossy lately...two days ago he says to need to go get me eight key lime pie yogurts. Soooo...I did. See a pattern here? Maybe I need to stop indulging my kid!! On the flip side...I have Mathew who would rather not talk to me at all. *sigh* What am I going to do when that child is a teenager!! OIY!

I feel MUCH better I did yesterday. Not sure what was going on with me to get me in such a funk. Honestly...I think it was one of the new medications I was to prevent migraines. But whatever it glad that it's over with..I do NOT like feeling like that at all!

And do you notice a change in the blog?? Well..I thought it would be kinda cool to not use capitilization and to have a fun italic font...but honestly I had a hard time writing like that because well...I'm a little type A. Ha! Who knew? :) Plus...this is much easier to read don't you think??

Alrighty then...not much else going on...I did go for a walk (note: did not say run) this morning. After 6 days off...stupid, stupid, stupid me...and no water to drink yesterday...I knew if I ran this morning I would be dealing with a monstrous headache all day long. Boy was it hard to get out of bed this morning though!! Have a stellar day ya'll!

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  1. cool pic! i am having bossy issues with my little guy (5yrs). he is something else...out of the blue in public no less. sigh. hope you are having a wonderful day! =]

    amy wilges