Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a lazzzzyyyy weekend...

and it's been SOOOO nice!! shawn has been in Kalispell all weekend and will be back tomorrow sometime. it's just been the boys and I and it's been so quiet and so lazy. I haven't done hardly a thing. :) I just have been in a bit of a funk and after cleaning all day all week I sure don't feel like cleaning my own house. I did do some cleaning this weekend but it's been a bit here and there. tomorrow I will tackle the laundry and all will be good with the world. :)

i will be having a hard time running in the morning...why you ask? well i will tell you. because in all my laziness I have eaten like a horse! awful...bad Jenn. yesterday I had three huge plates of chef salad....and ummm...errrr...three...okay okay...FOUR bowls of ice cream. seriously how big of a pig am I?? *sigh* that's why I just can't have it in the house...because I will eat it until it's gone. Oh and by the way...four bowls of ice cream equals a half gallon. so will be hard running tomorrow morning because i gorged myself. but I deserve to suffer for being such a freakin' glutton.

and...i finally did scrap yesterday...been wanting to today but just haven't. i finally did my 52x52 layout...a little late...but i'm just glad that I scrapped since I've been in such a funk lately. and this is my all time favorite photo of Mathew. (and you facebook people have already seen it...sorry!)
oh..and don't blog while you watch My Name Is Earl...because what you type just may not make any sense at all. :) or maybe it's just because I can't listen and type at the same time so i keep losing my train of thought....

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  1. Oh oh oh I am TOTALLY loving this layout, dude. I can so see why this is your fave picture of Mathew as well - and BOY does he look grown up there!