Friday, April 9, 2010

so why do my boys...

have to bug each other?? like constantly. one is just doing their own thing and the other has to either a)tap his finger or foot..or something until the other yells at him to stop; b)stand in front of him until the other yells at him to stop; c)makes an annoying noise until the other yells at him to stop. or I hear...AUSTON...or MATHEW...and then you hear me say...BOYS!! it's a constant in my house...most days I wear a black and white striped shirt. oiy!

so the other day I took my camera out to play just a bit...because miss Emma is the CUTEST little girl I have ever seen. :) she has totally won my heart and I just adore her!! plus she's super photogenic. I can't wait to get her into a setting so I can really test out my new camera...I mean...this is just her sitting in her highchair. but what did I tell ya?? cute huh??

in other news...I've been a complete bum the last few weeks. really really in a a funk...all I wanna do is sleep and be in bed. not a good sign right? i am getting up in the mornings though and going for a run but it's hard. i'm thinking I need some sun. :) or maybe I'm just freakin' exhuasted from cleaning everyday! whodathunkit that cleaning was such an exhausting job! how the heck do these older ladies still do it when they've done it for so many years?? you should see my poor knees...they are super ugly from being on them washing floors. ick!!

today Auston had a dinosaur museum at their classroom...of course I had to go and take pictures...duh!! i am so proud of him...he has the neatest handwriting and he is SUCH a good reader. he speaks really clear so you could understand his report (there were some kids who were so shy you couldn't hear a word they said!!). and...his teacher is keeping his big dinosaur drawing to take to the fair!! woohoo...good job Bean!! (and can I just say that he is looking like such a big boy? *sigh* I'm just not ready for him to be growing up on me!)

okay...well Shawn took off for the weekend so it's just me and the boys. I think I'm going to take advantage of having the tv all to myself...well after the boys watch their show!! lol I dvr'd the latest BONES...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show...but the books are a bit tedious I must admit. OH and don't forget to comment for a chance to win some bitties from the shop!!

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  1. Uh, yeah, that sounds familliar! Glad to hear that it's not only in my house! Bring on the black and white!!!