Thursday, May 6, 2010

overactive brain syndrome...

is there such a thing? There should be because I certainly have it. Yes it's 2:00am and I'm awake. Granted there are many factors but the main one is that my brain will not shut off. It's common for me. Another quirk. Why must I have so many?? :) So I'll tell ya why my brain won't shut off....this time. Right before bed I listened to a voice message from a call I had missed. It was from a gal with American Prairie Foundation. I had cleaned for them once...before I knew what they stood for and what they were doing here in NE Montana. I have nothing against her as I think she's really nice...but I don't agree with what APF is doing. So I laid in bed for an hour trying to figure out what I would say and hoping that I would get her message machine so I could spout out my well rehearsed script. :) There are a couple conservatories in Malta...they have come in and offered ranchers enough money that they couldn't refuse to sell their that has been in their family for generations. And we aren't talking a little bit of land...we are talking 40,000 acres. Can you blame them? Many ranchers love what they do but it does have a's not the glamorous job that some think it's hard work...with many struggles but it's our way of life. They want to take up land from here all the way to North Dakota...making it a huge wildlife preserve with free range buffalo. So then what? These small towns that are barely surviving will turn into ghost towns as there will be no livelihood left. The people who fund this organization and those like it...are from the city...most from the east coast...they aren't fellow Montanans. I don't understand what people think they are going to eat once they drive out all the farmers and ranchers. Maybe import our beef from China?? *snort* here was my scripted response:
Hi ___, thanks so much for your call. I am currently booked until mid June however I don't think I will be able to clean for American Prairie Foundation. Please know that this has nothing to do with you personally as I think you are really nice! I just don't agree with the goals and ideals of American Prairie Foundation. I don't think I could, in good conscience, make things all tidy for people who don't see the flip side of the pretty picture they have painted for themselves. I have always wanted to visit New York City. To see what it has to offer, the sights and sounds as well as the people who love their city. But I can't imagine ever wanting to take that away from them.
What I will probably end up saying:
Hi ___, thanks so much for your call. I am currently booked until mid June. Sorry about that..have a stellar day!
I'm such a chicken shit. :) I guess that is the best analogy that I could come up with. Can you imagine taking a chunk of the city and preserving it like it was 200 years ago?? And stripping the people in that little chunk of their entire lifestyle. It's really sad and it's something that gets me riled up. WAIT...I have another thing to say. Buffalo were NOMADIC!! That's why in the song it says the buffalo roamed. AND they tore up everything in their path. But these people think they can just fence them is that natural like it was when Lewis and Clark came through? *sigh* AND....the GOOD ranchers PRESERVE the prairie lands!! My dad is awesome with that...he rests his pastures and doesn't run more cows than the land can support. Why would he overgraze them?? Then he won't have them to feed his cattle the next year or the year after that. See...I get riled. Here is a good article to read if you are interested. Oh and before anyone flames me...remember that this is MY BLOG. that subject now. :) So yesterday I woke up with a stuffy nose. I feel like crap. Wouldn't it figure since Friday morning we leave for Colorado! Of course it would make sense tat I would get sick before I leave so I can spend the next 5 days not enjoying myself. Although I am SO excited! I can't wait to see my sisters and my stepmama. :) And I'm really hoping that I can get in a couple photo shoots! My sisters are very outgoing and I have a feeling they would totally play for me so I could capture some neat shots. In fact...I pictured Kristin in my head doing a fun we'll see if I can pull it off!! I'm excited to take the boys to the zoo and the aquarium...they don't know yet and will be so surprised. Well I hope so anyway!!

AND..have I told ya'll that we are moving again?? :) But it's a good move!! We found a house!! So I'm really paint and just be able to stay put. Won't that be nice?! It's a split level...4 bedroom and the one bedroom will become my photo studio/scrap space. Woot woot!! They boys will have their rooms in the basement and it has a big rec room and a nice sized laundry room!! I'm SO excited to have my washer and dryer back. It's the little things. :) probably won't see me for about a week...hope you all have a great one!! :)


  1. Congrats on the house Jenn! Some day we'll have to meet in person!!!! ((hugs))

  2. Dude, I didn't know all that stuff about the APF, but I am totally on your side there. Preservation is all good and well but bringing back lifestyles from way back when, is not the answer...
    I think you should send the first draft - it is polite and brings your point across without being patronizing or rude - so go for it!

    Wicked news on the house - you could probably get yourself a studio in there as well, no?

    have fun with your siblings and stay safe

  3. I'm proud of you for sticking with your convictions. And you're right...things that sound all warm and fuzzy aren't always so when you see the other side. Go with was very polite. Awesome on the excited for you! Hope you have a great time!

  4. Congrats on the house Jen...oh Colorado..can I go to? I grew up there. Hope you have fun and get some awesome pics. and don't chicken out. We all need to raise our voices as loud as others so that things won't keep getting taken away from us!

  5. Found you doing a google search on Over Active Brains.... Something I'm stricken with, I used to think it was a blessing , now I'm thinking its a curse. Anyways about the Buffalo, I actually watched a special on Restoring the Land and letting them roam. Once you see what we are really doing to this world, reseting somethings makes sense. Neither of us will be around when the World population reaches a level of un sustainability but its coming. So if we can reset a few things the way nature intended, maybe we can slow down the destruction of this earth. When We took this land from the indians we killed all the buffalo in a way of starving the Indians, it worked. Just like we are doing to Iran and the DPRK with Sanctions. It's wrong, yet that's how we do things. We need tons of Farms and food to feed this world, Yet we need to restore things , before they are all gone, and we become and over populated Polluted Concrete Jungle just like New York. One day New york will stretch to Los Angeles with all Nature eliminated....why because we have to fit all these people some where. If we keep through medical advances saving peoples lives, and increasing the Life expectancy , then we run out of land, Water and food..... So i say Let the Buffalo roam, Move everyone to high rises , and let Ranchers and Famers grow food organically if at all possible. Build up, not out , keep 95% of the people in the cities on Public Transportation, and let the Famers and Ranchers become Wealthy and respect the land. That's my two cents from this overactive Brain.