Wednesday, May 19, 2010

welcome home us. :)

Yeah actually we arrived home at 10:30pm a full week has taken me that long to get back into the swing of things. :) I'm such a slacker...and have to admit that I'm still not fully back into the swing of things although I would love to believe that. Our trip was awesome. The 12 hour drive down and back wasn't even that horrible which is hard to believe. The boys...oh my gosh...were possessed! They were SOOOOO good! For 5 days I didn't have to get after them...I didn't have to threaten their lives...nothing. They got along...were on their best behavior. It was so...weird. But no worries...they are back to their normal selves now and are fighting like cats and dogs again. *sigh* I was kinda hoping that part would last. Picture...Michael, Me, Kristin

So the great part of the trip was that my father and I didn't argue one time. Well..not that I remember anyway!! And...I had absolutely NO feelings of bitterness and resentment. I'm so thankful that I have finally gotten over all my abandonment issues. I realize that I really have the best dad ever. (my stepdad who I have never called my stepdad...just dad). And I love him so much and he has always been there for me. So really...there is no reason to have those issues and feelings right?? Right. So that was really nice for me to realize that at 33 I have finally gotten over it. Gee...I'm quick huh?? :)

It was so great to see them. Alison is the most amazing woman ever. I just adore her. She has always been so accepting of me. She is awesome. And she fell right into the grama role as soon as she saw those boys. It was so fun to watch. And my watch him watch the made me feel all warm and fuzzy. My sisters kept teasing him...because apparently he always wanted boys. Mathew humored him and played catch in the front yard. He was in heaven!! (both of them...tee hee)
Graduation was great. The whole reason we went down there. However...I feel like such a heel. :( I realized that I didn't get a picture of Michael with her cap/gown and diploma. :( I am the worst sister ever. The weather was not so agreeable. It was cool but the wind was just howling!! Shawn, Greg (Miha's boyfriend) and I ended up standing along the top of the stadium against the brick wall. I got fried and froze and felt like I got hit by a mack truck. Did I mention that I had caught a cold before the trip? Yeah it sucked. So I bailed after Miha received her diploma...which later had horrible guilt (and still do) for doing that. :( bad sister. *sigh* Her party that night was fun...they brought in a band called the Clam Daddy's. The guys were great but they look like a couple of dudes that didn't make the cut for ZZ Top. :) Just so danged proud of her for finishing school. Finally someone in my family graduates from college!

Sunday was a lazy day...we just kinda hung out. I took some photos of Miha and Greg and Greg's family. Greg's family is awesome and we got along really well...they were super fun to chat with. They were laughing...saying that I would come home to Montana and people would see these photos of the family and where did you get the brown people?? :) That was fun..and really great experience...having seen the photos in print I can see things that I need to do different. But that's part of the learning process right??

Monday was our big day. We went to Denver to have some fun with the boys. The girls and Greg came along. Our first stop was the zoo. It was a blast. The boys loved it and so did I!! Of course Auston had to make some witty being that when we approached the area of the dumpsters he just shook his head and said...I wish I was in a dumpster right now. Did I tell you all about his dumpster story?? Well I told the girls and Greg and they were totally cracking up. Mathew was being way too cool. I can totally tell that he is almost 10. He is just maturing like crazy...too fast for my liking though!!

After that we went to a Colorado Rockies game! We had amazing seats thanks to my father...Greg and his connections!! The boys had their baseballs autographed by Ian Stewart (who had an awesome game that night!) and Auston got Dinger the mascots signature as well. They just loved's a totally different experience seeing things that close. And one of the guys broke his bat when he hit the ball...which I caught on film. that was pretty cool.

And Tuesday was another lazy day...we were so danged tired and exhuasted. The weather just didn't cooperate much...thankfully it was nice during the zoo..but the rest of the time it was cold. And we drove home in a blizzard...not even kidding. kay..that is a short version...but still pretty long. If you read it all...send me your snail mail so I can send you a cookie. :) Now off to work and the whole regular life thing..would be nice to stay on vacation don'tcha think?? I promise I'll be more exciting and witty in the next post. :) have a happy hump day!!

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  1. Talk about behind...I am! Glad you had a good looked great! Sounds like you had deserved fun and quality family time. But glad you're back! :)