Sunday, June 13, 2010

do you like cookies??

it's been a LONG time friend..a LONG time. :) I'm sorry I've been so neglectful but the really sad thing is....I really don't have much to talk about. Amazing how dull and boring my life has become moving to this small town. My funny has just been sucked right outta me. Makes me so sad. :(

well we are moved and almost settled. Just a few last minute adjustments to make ya know...still have to go through Auston's toys and purge a bit there. Still have some painting I want to do and some pictures to hang but other than that...I've pretty much gotten it all done. it looks good. Thanks to a very good friend of mine. Bridgett came over and spent two days painting with me...along with her 2 boys and a friend of said boys. :) We painted almost this entire house..but it was in desparate need of it. I can't wait to start ripping up the carpet and ugly linoleum and replacing with some nice hardwood. Ahhhh...the joy of being able to do that stuff to a house...kinda nice. Now knock on wood...hoping nothing major happens that needs to be fixed!! lol
Last night I had a small crop...just a few friends came over and it was really nice. Was able to get two layouts done for assignments and purged some more scrap goodies. But alas...they were already scooped up!! :) My mom, her friend and I are going to have a rummage sale the end of the month...I can't believe how much stuff I've put in the boxes. If I keep this up...I'm not going to have anything left!! It's funny how I just really don't like 'stuff'...I really don't like the clutter...when I made this drastic change I'm not quite sure!!
Oh...I want to share a layout (finally) that a friend of mine did using some goodies from my etsy shop. She is SUCH a talented gal and I love that she uses my goodies so freely. :) Now if only my shop would get some action! *sigh* Oh and the pictures were taken by Stacy.
I'm still loving my camera. I REALLY love my camera. :) Although my zoom lens was having issues so I had to send it back to Nikon. Hopefully they will fix it quickly and get it back to me.

tomorrow starts 5am gym again. :) I chatted with the guy who opens the gym and he is still getting there early...until about the 2nd week in July. Woot woot!! It was almost torturous having to wait until 7am to run...half the day is gone by 7am!! :) And I've been walking with my mom every night. I finally clocked it and our little route is 2.5 miles. I know she won't go if I don't go with her's not going to hurt my fat butt to walk a bit more!! Now if I could just lay off the sugar. Not sure how the heck I'm going to stop craving it so much!! bleck!

Oh guess what? Mosquito season is almost upon us. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. :)

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