Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy tuesday!!

So I know that I haven't blogged in awhile...in such a long while I noticed that I'm losing followers. I know I know...it's because I haven't been sharing those delightful stories about the sheep. But alas...we don't live with the sheep anymore so I don't see them on a daily basis. :( Yes...it makes me just as sad. I know it makes you sad too and I'm so sorry about that. Never fear!! I have a sheep story!!

Yesterday I went out to the ranch to help my dad and brother work the sheep. It was I, however, that was worked. I'm not sure I actually provided much help unless you count comic relief?? So for one thing...I've gained 10lbs. So picture this fat girl out there trying to catch lambs. Yes...it is hilarious...and I'm guessing the vision that just popped up in your head is exactly what I looked like!! Needless to say...my brother caught the lambs and I helped dad by filling the banding gun and handing him the vaccination gun. I did ask my dad if I could be vaccinated...as they were all getting a shot for overeating. Bahahahahahahaa Okay so that wasn't even the best part..oh no...there is more people....oh yes...there is more. So after the lambs we had to vaccinate the ewes. My dad and brother tell me...just watch us...it's easy...this is how you do it. They go up to a ewe and flip it over so it's laying on it's back. Easy right? *snort* So I go in the pen thinking..oh I've got this..NO problem. Ummm..have you ever tried to flip a ewe on it's back? I thought not. It's totally not as easy as it sounds. I pick the unfortunate ewe...she was SO funny. She just stood there. And stood there. And stood there. As I'm heaving on her front leg trying to get it picked up. It.didn't.budge. I'm pretty sure at one point she even looked back and me and rolled her eyes. So my dad says...now do this..put your foot behind her back feet and almost trip her. So I nod my head...put my foot behind her leg and pull. I land on my back...the ewe lands on top of me and we are just laying there...in the dirt. My dad is just chuckling...shaking his head as he walks over with the vaccine guns. My brother, aka, the smartass says...Jenn I think you've been watching a little too much WWE. Then he has the nerve to say...well get up. Ummm...helloooo..can't you see me...I'm here...UNDER THIS SHEEP. I never did get the hang of it. In fact...another ewe wasn't as friendly and kind as the first...and she took off...with me hanging on her neck. She literally drug me from one end of the pen to the other. I knew what would happen if I let go...which is why it took me so long to do so. But I did...eventually and got exactly what I expected. A mouthful of poop. Because I've been being kind and calling it dirt...but really it's a pen full of old crushed up sheep shit. I had 'dirt' from head to toe. My poor dad...I'm pretty sure he will never ask me to help him do that again. :) And I couldn't get in the shower quick enough!!

Today however, I feel like poop. I woke up just not feeling very good. :( Not quite sure what exactly is making me feel yukky but whatever it was...I don't like it. Never mind the fact that every wimpy muscle in my body aches from my effort with the ewes. *sigh*

Hopefully you all had a wonderful July 4th! Mine was pretty good...even though I find out that my entire family spent the night having a bbq and setting off fireworks except for me, my brother and my parents. Yup...ALL of my dad's siblings were in town and they all got together but no one bothered to invite him. Is that not the crappiest thing you have ever heard? I really don't care...okay...I'm such a liar. No matter how old I get...it still hurts to be excluded. Luckily, my dad doesn't really care. Sad to say I don't think he cares if he sees his siblings...heck his mom lives in the same town and he sees her maybe twice a year!! More if he accidentally bumps into her at the post office! Things like this REALLY make me miss my grampa and great aunt Ethel who we spent all holidays with. They accepted me from day one and I was lucky to be so very close with them both. Okay....so I must be weepy today too....

Tomorrow I'm posting an ad inspiration challenge on Scrapbook Challenges! If you aren't part of this community I invite you to join! Its a ton of fun and we provide challenges all month long to get your creative juices flowing. I EXPECT you to do my challenge. tee hee I'll post here tomorrow as well..promise!!


  1. Ok, my friend, You make laugh!!! Thanks for the giggle this morning.