Thursday, July 8, 2010

people...amaze me...

I know that I told you I would be posting yesterday...but never happened because I was still feeling yukky. :( My mom even left work at noon because she was having the same yukkiness that I was experiencing. So at least I know it just wasn't in my head!! Whew!

So here is my ad inspiration for Scrapbook Challenges. Yes...I googled to find the ad. I *heart* google. I find everything I need on google. It is my best friend. When in doubt...just google it. That is my motto. Well not really..but it could be. :) I really loved how the pictures layered and since I'm a layer-er anyway..I knew it would be semi easy for me to complete a layout with. Which I did. I also did this layout for a contest using My Little Shoebox papers etc. It was fun...and a little off my norm so that's good. Anyway..ramble ramble ramble.

So I'm helping my friend with her rummage sale. Now this is not just a normal rummage sale. Oh no. This rummage sale fills a pole barn. It is immense. Think of a small thrift store.'s CRAZY. So last night I was there until midnight helping her get stuff set up and I looked around...and have a ton of crap in here. She looked around and said...yeah I know...see I met this girl...who told me I had too much stuff and had to get rid of some. :) Ummm...yeah...I am THAT girl. But it is amazing to look around and realize that all that 'stuff' was in HER HOUSE. It's a little overwhelming to think about that. She has done so great...and it's hard not to sound weird when I say I'm really proud of how much she has let go. So this brings me to my next story. I haven't talked to this particular person since FEBRUARY. When she quit talking to me...I still really don't know what happened but I have moved on. :) See...I'm mature like that. *snort* Anyway...I get a text last night from her that said...can I ask you a question? I was like...ummm..this is Jenn. She said she knew. I responded that I just wanted to make sure since she hasn't spoke to me since February (even though I have been the bigger person...I have commented on her facebook..congrats and wished her a happy birthday...among other small things...with NO response). So she proceeds to you know that Bridgett is having her rummage you know if the stroller is a single or double. *thud* I was stunned. SERIOUSLY? You haven't talked to me in 5 months and you text me to ask about a stroller? I.don' I was dumbfounded. I should have said that but I just said that yes I knew she was having a rummage sale..after all she is my best friend...but I'm not sure which stroller she is selling. Today..I'm just as in shock as I was yesterday. I mean...really..who does that? Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds that just odd?? is my layout that I created for my ad inspiration. I love these photos of Auston...they were taken the day I received my new camera. Which...speaking of...I'm still kinda draggin my feet. Why can't I just have some self esteem and jump into this whole photography thing? School starts on August 18th (I know..crazy huh?) and pretty soon the seniors will be needing their pictures taken...and I SHOULD be ready for that. ARGH.
Anyway...I must sign off now...I have a quick cleaning to do and then am heading out to help some more with the rummage sale. I should take a picture...I don't think you can truly grasp the size of this sale without a picture. Yes...I will do so. Trust will wish you were here. :)

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  1. I do find that odd..... so you're not the only one. Good luck at the sale & love your LO!