Monday, September 13, 2010

here are the winners...

from the blog hop. Yes...I realize this is very tardy in being posted but I have a terrific reason. Ready? Well..I don't have a computer!! Right smack in the middle of the blog hop my laptop just shut it's little self down and I couldn't get it to turn back on. was still under warranty so Tuesday I took it back to Radio Shack for them to send away. Hopefully it'll be quick and painless (and money less!!) to fix it!! Boy oh I going through some internet withdrawals or what. :)

So here are the winners for my giveaways...
new follower - $10 worth of etsy goodness is.....ROSE ANN!!
and comment winner for the OA goodness is....HEATHER GRAHAM.
Thanks girls for playing along...and hope you had fun. Please PM me your address over at scrapbook challenges and I"ll get your goodies out to you!! (give me a couple days to respond though..don't give up on computer usage is sporadic!!)

And...I must clarify something...I am NOT switching to 8.5 x 11. :) I'm still a 12x12 girl...I just decided to throw in whatever different size I want depending on the pictures. So I might have a 12x12 page...then the next might be an 8x8...they will be all mixed up together. I'm excited for it for the schoolwork and artwork the boys bring I can just slap them in a page protector and ad them right in their books..without scanning or shrinking or laying stuff on top of...etc. :)

So I've been a painting FOOL. Good grief. I have almost the whole downstairs living room had this horrid DARK paneling...bleck. But now that it's looks so nice!! And I painted my big window upstairs..the trim..white. All the trim is really dark and just trying to brighten it up a bit. I just keep looking at the walls in the downstairs and smiling..can't believe how much of a difference it makes. This coming up weekend Shawn will be gone hunting again so I can paint some more. Actually...I'm going to rent a storage shed this week...the previous owners still have one full bedroom full of their stuff. So I'm going to move it because I REALLY want to get my photography studio set up and going. If I don't just do it...I'll use that as an excuse to never go through with this dream of mine. So wish me luck!!

Okay...until next time...

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