Thursday, September 16, 2010

missing my grama...and stuff..

today has been a weepy day for me. my grama's birthday is today. Happy Birthday grama. I miss her SOOOO much. It's amazing how much I still think of her and how much it still aches...when will this go away?? I have to say though...I'm so very fortunate to have known her so well and to have had such an amazing relationship with her...not all grandkids are that fortunate.

still computerless....yes I'm totally cheating and writing this from work. but I have a headache due to this new scanner/fax thingey that we got...I cannot get the stupid thing to receive faxes. And when I try to call customer support I get some guy that I cannot understand. His name is Kevin...*snort* all I could think was...dude...the only word I understood was your sure that's really YOUR name buddy?? I'm thinking not.

rented a storage unit. Woot woot. Gonna get all the stuff out of the room that was left by the previous owner...and stick it in the shed. Is the $50/month rental charge worth it? Absolutely. I cannot WAIT to get that room cleaned out, shampooed and painted. It will be my photography studio and I'm gearing up baby. I am just going to jump into this. I know I often have you all heard me say that?? But really...I need to just do it. Wish me luck...really I'm such a chicken self confidence is crappy and I am the reason I haven't done anything yet. Plain and simple. but I wanna and at the moment I'm motivated so I'm totally taking advantage of it. :) will also be my scraproom...maybe now I can scrap. Amazing how I used to have to do something EVERY DAY..and thought about it all the it's like...scrap?? Sure...I do..sometimes. UGH. Not good.
Football a terrific photo of Auston last time...catching..seriously the look on his face is awesome!! Mathew didn't want me to take pictures...but hopefully tonight I can get some good ones of him as well. Sure do love those boys.

OH...and as soon as I get my computer back I'm going to have a HUGESTMONGOUS sale in my etsy shop. So excited...because I think you all will be excited too. It's going to be a dollar sale. :) I just need to clean out some inventory so I can start creating some new stuff. Have so many ideas in my peabrain...just have to get them down on paper. So stay tuned...I'll give ya'll a heads up. :)

So enough mumbling for now...hope you all have a stellar day!!

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